My story, Madeleine Allcock–
Illustrator / Graphic Designer

At school I was always drawing and loved Art and English lessons. After A Levels I studied Foundation Art & Design, specialising in Graphic Design and Illustration; my tutors were impressed with my work and encouraged me to apply for university. I chose to do Illustration at Loughborough, as the tutors encourage inventive, experimental techniques and teach students to draw from life. I used traditional media throughout my degree and taught myself to use Photoshop and Illustrator, which is what I use now. I still keep sketchbooks and believe this is crucial for any aspiring artist or designer.

After graduation I worked anywhere I could, as it was hard to find employment with so few jobs around. I worked in various part-time roles (telemarketing, supermarkets and admin) before I found Bubble Creative Solutions through a friend. After an interview I was offered full-time work as a graphic designer alongside training. Having studied illustration, I knew the basics of design but was unfamiliar with the technical side of things, which I am still learning.

My friends who graduated with me are now working in design, publishing, teaching, and freelance illustration, with some working part-time in order to add to their income from freelance work.

My advice would be never give up – there are still jobs out there, especially if you are prepared to travel. My degree paid off in the end, and university is an amazing experience in itself.


Claire Newberry